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Religions for Peace Europa: – unngå klasebomber

Religions for Peace Europa: – unngå klasebomber

Den 10. juli kom Religions for Peace Europa (RfPE) med en uttalelse om at klasebomber bør unngås. RfPE har siden 2008 vært for et forbud mot klasebomber. Uttalelsen slår fast at de ikke vil komme med noen klare fordømmelser om Ukraina benytter klasebomber, siden de er under angrep.

Uttalelsen kan leses i sin helheten nedenfor. Uttalelsen er på engelsk.

Religions for Peace EUROPE

Since many years Religions for Peace has been committed to obtain the ban of cluster bombs, and, indeed, in 2008 the vast majority of countries in the world signed the treaty for the prohibition of this kind of weapons.

Today, of course, we cannot decide for Ukrainians, who are under attack, what to do, but, in the same time, we want to make an appeal to avoid the cluster bombs, even if these had been used by their counterpart.

We are conscious that the invasion and the war on Ukraine is in massive contravention of international law and human values, but, in our view, it is not a good reason for doing the same.

We, as Religions for Peace Europe, will continue to pray and act for peace, being aware of the responsibilities of religions in this conflict.

We look forward the end of this terrible war in the hearth of Europe and of all the conflicts worldwide.

We commit ourselves to foster an effective cooperation of different religious traditions and communities during the long post-war process of reconciliation, overcoming the sense of desperation and the huge hatred fueled by this cruel conflict.

Rome 10/07/2023
President of Religions for Peace Europe Dr Luigi De Salvia

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